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Parship is one of the leading online matchmaking agencies for discerning singles in UK and across Europe.

Just visit the Parship Magazine for general dating advice and even submit your own questions if you like.

We teach people how to consciously choose partners who make them happy, instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over on the "dating merry-go-round." Our success rate is nearly 100 percent -- and we define those goals at the beginning of our process.

We have a clear process, which is both fun and simple.

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The events listed on sg are provided by private dating agencies accredited by the SDNTrust Accreditation Council.It’s free and may be just what you need to start you off in your quest for that special someone.Kelly Leary has more than 26 years in the dating industry and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology.We both couldn’t be happier and have smiles on our faces each and every day! There’s a new craze of the moment – private karaoke booths. Open up your local paper and turn to the gig listings, shut your eyes and pick one.

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