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Sex workers have long been considered a high-risk group for HIV infection, but to date little quantitative research has explored the association between HIV risk and exchange of sex for material gain by women in the general population.

Private face-to-face interviews covered socio-demographics, sexual history and experience of gender-based violence. Thanks.) There is a lot I don't understand when it comes to people and their outlook on love.I just feel love should be free with happiness and caring and full of trust.21.1% of participants reported having ever had sex with a non-primary male partner in exchange for material goods or money.Women who reported past experience of violence by male intimate partners, problematic substance use, urban residence, ever earning money, or living in substandard housing were more likely to report transactional sex, while women who reported delayed first coitus, were married, or had a post-secondary education were less likely to report transactional sex.

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