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Unfortunately, ladies’ man Rose struck out a bit and his friend Kroll stepped up to the plate.

Baby 🎀GIRL🎀 Wimberly will be touching down this fall!

This was the first of two seasons to be filmed in San Diego.

In 2011, the show made a return in the twenty-sixth season, The Real World: San Diego (2011).

There were five minutes left in the “Southern Charm” finale Monday night, and for a second I was legitimately worried that this would not be nearly enough time to wrap up all the loose ends from season three. We already knew Landon wasn’t going to convince Shep that she is his destiny. Not much else to ponder there — except for Landon’s sobbing interview during the Shep-shows-up-with-her-friend-Robyn-to-the-stupid-Founders-Ball scene. Now onto the last non-loose end we didn’t need tied up on the finale: Kathryn and Thomas. The chemical reaction between Kathryn and Thomas was practically discovered in a Los Alamos lab. If it’s you, if you’re the person who was rooting for this couple, please don’t email me.

No matter how many Grimace costumes she borrowed from Patricia Altschul. I just think you might actually be from another era. I honestly didn’t know that her feelings for Shep were that real and I bet he didn’t either. Anyway, although it was touching to hear Shep say that it crushes him to hurt someone’s feelings, I’m done with hearing about how easy it is to take the high road. It’s so easy to take the high road,” he says in the midst of the Kathryn-Landon showdown. If everyone on reality TV takes the high road we’ll be back to watching sitcoms with laugh tracks and incorrigible next door neighbors. If you do, I will forward your email directly to Homeland Security. It’s finally on a set and not in the Bravo Clubhouse!

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